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Welcome to our official Homepage!

This clan was founded to play Action Quake2 as a team. Some of our members played Terror Quake 2 as well. Over he time the clan evolved to something like an "english club" - a lose conglomeration of online players playing all kinds of online games. Knowing this, it won't surprise you to learn that - although we are still a clan - we don't have a strong command structure. We're just a bunch of strange individualists playing online games together.

About us
We are a clan of actually 19 active and 12 classic members, which by chance all have the same hobby: ACTION QUAKE 2.

We all have just one target in playing AQ2: Getting fun!. This clan doesn't dictate his members how to do things or what members got to do. We'll discuss how to use the skills of the members to it's best, that's all. Sure, we also give our members all support we can, but they have to do it by themselves. One of our main principles is fairness, the other one is good manners (you remember? We want to have FUN). If you have to cheat, you're simply a looser.

Clan Matches
When we are challenged by another clan we may or may not battle with him (you know: we are just a FUN clan).

Please don't be insulted if we don't want to fight against you. We don't intend to insult you - but our members are just for fun here and so I can't (and won't :) force them to a clan match.

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Some Legal Stuff
We're living in a free world - at least we believe it. But since I live in germany (a free country...), here is some legal stuff because I don't want to get sued for something (the following text is only in german, because it's only interesting for the german law enforcement organisations :-)

Unter Bezug auf das Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 des LG Hamburg distanziere ich mich ausdrücklich von den Inhalten der gelinkten Seiten. Ich habe Links zu anderen Seiten im Internet aufgeführt, auf deren Gestaltung und Inhalte ich keinerlei Einfluß habe. Diese Erklärung gilt für sämtliche Links. Sollte ich durch die Benutzung irgendwelcher Grafiken, Programme oder Downloads gegen geltende Copyrightrechte verstoßen, so bitte ich dies mir durch eine e-Mail mitzuteilen. Leider ist es für mich nicht immer zu erkennen wo z.B. Grafiken ihren Ursprung haben. Sollte also eine der verwendeten Grafiken u.ä. einem Copyright unterliegen, so werde ich diese natürlich sofort entfernen. Sofern ich Kenntnis davon erhalte, daß Form und Inhalt von gelinkten Seiten nicht konform zu Internet-Recht und/oder "Netikette" sind, streiche ich diese Links unverzüglich. Melden Sie derartige Links bitte per e-Mail.

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