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Tuesday, 28. December 1999, 00:51 [Clan: New Member]
I'm proud to announce that we've got another new member: Zwieback[Rock].
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Monday, 27. December 1999, 13:05 [Clan: Homepage]
Take a look at the Files section - I've added the MDLView Java applet so you can see our Clan-Skin online.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Thursday, 04. November 1999, 22:00 [Clan: New Member]
I'm proud to announce that the we've got a new member: Till has joined the Rock-Clan. I think you all know Till, which was a former member of the now closed german clan [US] as a very skillfull player and I'm sure he'll feel fine over here at the Rock-Clan.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Thursday, 28. October 1999, 22:25 [Clan: Homepage Re-Design]
I've made a little re-design of the site. I think it looks a bit better now (at least at 1024x768 :-)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Monday, 13. September 1999, 21:54 [Clan: Member Inactive]
Rookie, one of the founders of the Rock-Clan has changed his membership to inactive. I'm very sorry to hear that, because he's a good friend and an excellent player. But his spare time is limited and he's started playing EverQuest and enjoys it as much as he enjoyed playing AQ2. He'll still play AQ2 sometimes, but not as much as he used to play the time before. He also laid down the admin of the gXp AQ2 Servers, so I'm administering them alone now. I'm not sure how long I'll do that, because my time is limited, too - and I want to play ;-)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 22. August 1999, 20:30 [Action Q2: New Tutorial]
I've just made a new tutorial about how to make working escalators with the Quake 2 engine. You can get it in the Files section or can read it online here.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 03. July 1999, 11:33 [Clan: New Applet]
As you might have noticed, I've added a little Java applet on the info menu, which scrolls through the latest news. It's really a fine thing (freeware) and I guess you should have a look at the homepage of OpenCube for further infos. (Tip: Click and hold in the applet window and move the mouse for scrolling like you want)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 06. June 1999, 11:37 [Action Q2: New Map]
As some of you may have noticed already, I've released a new map this week called Rockheim City: High Noon. It's a teamplay and deathmatch map which fits for both Terror Quake 2 and Action Quake 2. Have fun :-)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Monday, 24. May 1999, 20:14 [Clan: New Member]
Yep folks, we got a new member. Some of you may know him from our favorite gXp Server, it is ZaK. He's a very skilled player and seems to be a good tactic one.

(Just one word on our own: If you want to join our clan, just ask - maybe we'll take you - but please don't be angry if you aren't the choosen one, we've some (hard?) criterias which you'll have to pass...)

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Friday, 30. April 1999, 18:28 [Clan: NEW DOMAIN]
Yep, now it's real: the german Rock Clan has a new home!
We now have our own internet domain:

Furthermore, every clan member can be reached via the clan email address, just put the clan members name in front of "@rock-clan.de". This means if you want to sent an email to me (igor), you would send it to "igor@rock-clan.de". That's all. simple, isn't it?

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 25. April 1999, 22:20 [Action Q2: New Map]
After 2 days of hard work, here it is: Desperado. This map is designed for one on one deathmatch and fits best for the AQ2 Tourney (changed URL to point to AQ2-TNG. Igor on 2004/12/04) mod from PG_Bund[Rock].

If you use it in Action Quake, don't be surprised to get some messages like "xxx doesn't have a spawn function" that is ok, because with Terror quake 2 there are more weapons in here :-)

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 24. April 1999, 23:07 [Clan: Homepage Re-Design]
I finally made it - the new design of our homepage is nearly done! I hope this design fits better to our clan, if you've some suggestions, be free to send a mail to Igor[Rock] (that's me :-)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 1999
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