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Tuesday, 26. December 2000, 20:13 [Clan: Member left]
Today Zak[Rock] dismissed the Rock-Clan.
I'm very sorry to lose such a skilled player, but it's reasonable from his point of view. He said he wants to play with people he knows personally from LAN parties or somewhere else.
Good Luck in your new clan, Zak!
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 21. October 2000, 09:43 [Clan: New Members]

As some of you guys may have heard, the german Clan Legion of Doom (LoD) doesn't exist anymore. Some of their former members joined the Rock, so please welcome MrDeath[Rock] and Zak[Rock].

It's a little bit confusing to have two Zaks in the Clan, but our "old" Zak seems to be offline anyway - he doesn't respond to any email - so I changed his status to inactive. If you want to try to contact him, I changed his email Adress to zak2@rock-clan.de

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Friday, 20. October 2000, 23:04 [Clan: New Member]

We've got another new member here at the clan Rock: Tiger[Rock]

Maybe you know him, he's also known as [TT]Tiger in germany as well. There is one interesting detail: Tiger has joined the Rock but he still is a member in another clan - he doesn't have a problem with this, so why should we? *grin*
As long as the other Clan plays different games, there shouldn't be a problem at all, so a hearty welcome to him.

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 03. September 2000, 14:37 [Diablo2: Diablo2 läuft an]

Hallo zusammen,

ich werde hier für Euch in Zukunft immer die News posten!

Ich hoffe wir finden noch ein paar Leute die Spass an Diablo2 haben.

Ich werde mir ebenfalls etwas in Richtung Clan-matches etc. überlegen.

Bis dann, Euer =)Magic_Lemme[Rock] !!

Bei Fragen und Anmerkungen, Vorschläge usw. bitte an =)magic_l@rock-clan.de mailen

Posted by =) Magic_L[Rock]
Saturday, 02. September 2000, 17:56 [Clan: Info]
Hi folks!

I just wanted you guys to know that I'm going for a short (3 week) vacation to eastern canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Kitchener and the surrounding area to be more precise ), so I won't be able to do much on the webpages and clan related things. I'll be back online about 24. september.

Have a good time and don't work to hard! ;)

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Tuesday, 01. August 2000, 13:00 [Clan: New member]

The Rock-Clan is going international now! :-)
Please welcome our new member Da Beuler[Rock] from the netherlands!

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Monday, 29. May 2000, 17:55 [Clan: Members left]

It's sad, but I've to announce that Zwieback and Valec have decided to leave the Rock-Clan. They're going to join a small (LAN-) Clan called "quadra". It was really a great time with you guys, we all wish you the best and many frags!

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 20. May 2000, 19:00 [Clan: New member]

I'm proud to announce a new member of the Rock-Clan: ]-XeoN-[Rock]. Some of you might know him under his old nickname "Devil Ghost".

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 13. May 2000, 18:00 [Action Q2: New map]

After 3 days of hard work, here it is Rockheim Financial District, my newest map. You can get it here.

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Tuesday, 25. April 2000, 20:25 [Action Q2: New Map]
I just released my new map Rockheim: Skytower. You can get it here.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Thursday, 30. March 2000, 17:05 [Clan: New Member]
As some of you might already have recognized, we have a new member, Valec[Rock]. A hearty welcome to him!
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 26. March 2000, 23:40 [Clan: Webring Opened]
I just started a new project to get a webring which covers all german Quake, Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena Clans. I hope it will be successful and that it will help to get some new contacts in the scene. It's called the quake X clans webring of germany.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Wednesday, 12. January 2000, 23:26 [Clan: New Member]
The winds of change are blowing strong - we've got another new member: Terror[Rock].
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 01. January 2000, 19:14 [Clan: New Member]
Just in the new year, we've got another new member, please welcome: Deramon[Rock].
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 01. January 2000, 00:00 [Clan: New Year]
The Rock-Clan wishes a


to all who know us!
Posted by Igor[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 2000
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