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Here you can get our Skin for clan matches. It is for the terror model.
How to...
Currently there are two tutorials available:

Online Version


escalators.zip Escalators Tutorial This is my tutorial about how to make working escalators in Quake 2 with func_trains and some tricky editing.
textures.zip How To Make Textures This is a tutorial about making textures with Wally and Paint Shop Pro.
Misc. Things
Here is the Quake2 palette file for Paint Shop Pro 5.
Action Quake 2 PG-Bund V1.25
Here is the linux version (server only),
here is the windows version(server only) and
here is the new client pack (both).
New in this version:
Just to much, read the readme.txt :-)
Short Notice
If you want to know more about other projects of Igor[Rock], you should have a look at my members page.
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