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Monday, 19. June 2006, 09:52 [AQ2-TNG updates to come]
Hi, after a long time, I've started to fix some bugs and to implement some missing features to the official AQ2-TNG mod. See the AQ2-TNG SourceForge Homepage for more info.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Thursday, 06. May 2004, 22:02 [ESL Season 3 1st Match]

We played the next three matches of the new EASQL Season 3.
The first one was against the Outlawz, but they did not seem to be able to find a match date which fits to both teams. Finally we omit this match and hope to play it by time.

The second one was against Clan Survival, one of the best finish clans. We clearly lost both maps.

The third one was against the well known clan Quadaver. We played cloud and riot and unfortunately we scarcely lost cloud with 13:16 and riot with 11:24.

Our next match is against Tyylimiehet.

Let's Rock!

Posted by Flz[Rock]
Monday, 19. April 2004, 00:22 [ESL Season 3 1st Match]

tonight we had our first match of the new EASQL Season 3.
Unfortunately our enemy Espoo didn't appear, so this match was aborted.
No game, no fun. Next war is against OutLawZ and we hope to get a chance to play :)


Posted by Flz[Rock]
Wednesday, 17. March 2004, 01:33 [new member]

we're proudly presents our new member BiNJa (aka sHoRTie).
He comes from -[QC]-, a famous Aq2 clan, which stopped playin and is going to support us in future matches concerning the new ESAQL.

Let's Rock Binja !

Posted by Flz[Rock]
Monday, 12. January 2004, 10:24 [Neues ....]
we're still alive!
We've had a fun war against NARF on sunday evening.
After two very close results on the maps cloud and murder, we were able to win the third map for us, and such the game.
Thanks to NARF for the good game.
Posted by Flz[Rock]
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