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Sunday, 22. August 1999, 20:30 [New Tutorial]
I've just made a new tutorial about how to make working escalators with the Quake 2 engine. You can get it in the Files section or can read it online here.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 06. June 1999, 11:37 [New Map]
As some of you may have noticed already, I've released a new map this week called Rockheim City: High Noon. It's a teamplay and deathmatch map which fits for both Terror Quake 2 and Action Quake 2. Have fun :-)
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Sunday, 25. April 1999, 22:20 [New Map]
After 2 days of hard work, here it is: Desperado. This map is designed for one on one deathmatch and fits best for the AQ2 Tourney (changed URL to point to AQ2-TNG. Igor on 2004/12/04) mod from PG_Bund[Rock].

If you use it in Action Quake, don't be surprised to get some messages like "xxx doesn't have a spawn function" that is ok, because with Terror quake 2 there are more weapons in here :-)

Posted by Igor[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 1999.
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