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Saturday, 24. November 2001, 00:22 [ESPL Quaterfinal]
Placed 7th after the season we had to play against 2nd placed Quadaver.
Game One:
Cloud 3:15 Tension1 7:15 - Definitely not our day.
Game Two:
Riot 12:10 Urban2 15:8 - We [Rock]ed!
Game Three:
Cloud 10:15 Urban2 13:15 - Overall very balanced game.

Quadaver won 2 games to 1.
Best wishes for the semi finals versus QC.
Posted by Papst[Rock]
Monday, 12. November 2001, 21:09 [AQSL: Draw vs. rap3]
The first map was museum, rap3's choice, we never played a clanwar on this map before, so we were quite surprised (we expected sludge1) of the tactics which are played on museum and lost 5:15. On riot we saw what rap3 was famous for: Camping. Three people on the middel top roof, i think thats enough to say. But this wasn't enough so we won 11:7.
Posted by Till[Rock]
Thursday, 01. November 2001, 01:26 [AQSL: Draw vs QNI]
We lost urban 9:15. QNI liked the toproof campinggrounds very much. Riot was our usual tabularaza and we won 15:2. Some QNI players must like the blowing air sound... QNI was a competetive enemy and the game almost fun.
Posted by Papst[Rock]
Monday, 29. October 2001, 02:15 [AQSL: Won vs. Comix]
We won 15:5 on cloud (our choice) and 15:3 on riot. Quite boring match and comix was not able to get more then 3 players.
Posted by Till[Rock]
Tuesday, 23. October 2001, 22:43 [AQSL: Won vs .ZEN.]
The match vs .ZEN. was won, but it was our worst game in history.

It was a very balanced play but not a good one on Riot. ZEN heavily camped and we had the feeling some of their players were looking through walls, which didn't seem to be interesting for the admin. The map ended 13:13.

On Soho we were pretty sure some of them were using wallhacks. Enemys were shooting before they came in "real" sight even if u croutched all the way to an absent place; using kevlar - no laserpointer to see. The admin was ignoring our talk. The revenge for that and the camping on riot was pro-camping on a roof. We won the map 9:3.

The worst and most boring game we played ever.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 07. October 2001, 22:52 [AQSL: Won vs DEATH]
Today we won our match vs DEATH!

Actcity3 and Riot - both 15:1.
Anything else to say?!?
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 07. October 2001, 22:48 [AQSL: Draw vs DC]
Sorry, this one is a bit late.

Last wednessday we drawed vs DeathCompany [DC].
We beat them 15:6 on riot but we weren't able to manage bxtrain2 (7:15).
All I say is: Shitty map - especialy in CWs.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 30. September 2001, 22:11 [ESPL match lost]
Today we lost our ESPL match vs QC.
Riot was very thrilling, we lost it 12:13, very bad luck :(. On Cliff2 we didn't had a chance, 7:15.

This was the last league match in the ESPL - quarter finals are waiting :).
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Tuesday, 25. September 2001, 10:35 [Second AQSL match - won!]
Yesterday we had our second AQSL Match against GQ.
After 40 minutes of waiting for ICE-M (our admin), Deathwatch was so nice to take over his job.
Beginning with Riot we really messed up GQ. 15:0 on Riot, 15:1 on Beer.

We seem to break our own records again and again now, after we had our best result ever against SiK on sunday (30:3), we now kicked GQ's ass (30:1) and pushed it even higher.
Don't mind the loss GQ, Rock seems to be fairly too strong for Devision 3.

Compliments to GQ, you were a really nice enemy, no campin, no flaming - thanx for the good game!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Monday, 24. September 2001, 00:19 [ESPL match won!]
We won against SiK!
TJ 15:3 and Riot 15:0! (WOW!). SiK was not with their strongest squad, and Zack had severel problems with his aq...
strong play from us anyway! Maybe next time SiK! HF!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 16. September 2001, 23:36 [First AQSL match - won!]
Yes, its true. We finally made it into the AQSL (Devision 3), and won our first match, too.
We played 4on4 against ^^ (MOO), 2 bad they had not 5 players. After some probs with the new AQ version we finally won Actcity3 12:6 and crushed ^^ 15:2 on Riot.
The whole game was signed from overflows and connection problems, lucky for us that this mostly happend ^^. Campy on AC3, crushing on Riot. Like everytime I would like to say ;).
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 16. September 2001, 23:27 [ESPL match won!]
Tonight we won 2:1 against =DC=. Riot 15:6 and Urban2 10:14.
After last years "game of [put a high number of years here]" these seasons game against DC was campy and ...bad. Not a nice game at all. Showed us how fast a clan can be crushed from superior to no style. Really frightening.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Monday, 27. August 2001, 10:49 [ESPL war lost]
Lost 0:3 against quad - oh dear. 10:15 on cloud and 5:15 on riot - this was a worse day.
Looking at the scores of our ESPL games quad seems to be one of the toughest clans out there, head up with 2A, but i simply don't understand how they managed to blast us away like that on riot. The match was thrilling anyway (at least cloud was).
HF quad.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 27. July 2001, 01:37 [ESPL match won]
Won again - 2:0 against Narf! First we crushed them 15:3 on riot, later we had huge problems on urban3 but managed to play 9:9 (don't ask how ;-) ). Thrilling and great match.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 13. July 2001, 14:07 [ESPL war won!]
Hi again!
Our ESPL game against ELR was great, we managed to win beer 11:9 and from there we blast ELR away. 15:5 on riot, they never had a chance there. I'm sure we would have lost beer without the "beer-training" with B2K. ELR was not a great enemy because of their bad manners - they play really nice but we don't like to be flamed in a game...
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 06. July 2001, 16:46 [2x ESPL and Train]
Lo guys!
Sorry that the news are so late, but I'm a bit lazy from time to time ;-). First, we had a Default Win vs FKK, because they didn't manage to play the second time. Wasn't their fault, but not our's too. The second game vs 2A was lost 0:3, loosing riot 10:12 and cliff2 8:15. Really bad day for us, we weren't able to win riot but I think we had to. Together this ends with 3 points in 2 games - not bad not good. Hopefully we will win against ELR, but in a train against B2K we were not able to play serious on beer, ELR's homemap. BTW: Thanks B2K for the great training.
In the hope that this was all i have to post...
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Tuesday, 19. June 2001, 07:12 [ESPL war lost]
It's a few days ago, so this will be short. With more than bad luck we lost against AMB 0:2, 10:10 (!!) on riot and 5:15 an urban. AMB was a really nice enemy with one weak: they are too defensive (others would say they camp a bit too much). HF AMB, good game anyway!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Monday, 04. June 2001, 22:43 [3. ESPL war lost]
Lo folks.
It is sad but true - we lost against Die Nixblicka 1:2. Winning Riot 11:10, loosing TJ 6:15 - DNB was the better clan. They play really good, but their manners are a bit... well, I don't wanna flame now ;). PLZ have FUN in your next game DNB, stop these "ESports - win at all costs" shit!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Tuesday, 29. May 2001, 13:57 [ESPL match vs. SRC won]
Our second ESPL match took place monday 21h and was won! Thanx to a good game from us on riot (15:7) we were sure that we would win against SRC. On TJ we suddenly get a bit raped and find ourselfes on the way to loose (7:14). With a heartbraking one round differens counting both maps we made it till the timelimit and won vs the Silent Reaper Clan. TJ is a bad map and SRC had huge problems to play in time - but it was a good game at the end. May the fun be with you SRC, maybe next time :).
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Wednesday, 23. May 2001, 22:20 [New EPSL Season - First Match vs =DA=]
Lo folks!
The new ESPL Season starts near perfect. Shooting =DA= 15:2 on riot and 15:11 on cloud ROCK clearly dominates the match. The guys from Death-Angels are great enemies - we will meet again soon I think... ;)
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Sunday, 15. April 2001, 11:41 [Clanwar won!]
Hi there,
just wanted to note that we [Rock]ed FKK on riot 15:7, loosing urban 10:9 and winning this clanwar 24:17!
This is the first CW result posted ever i think ;). I'll try to put the results up everytime now. May the fun be with you FKK, great game.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Tuesday, 13. March 2001, 15:47 [Announcement]
Just a short one: Stay tuned for a new AQ2 PG Bund Version in the next week - we're already testing it on the inet.
Posted by Igor[Rock]
Thursday, 11. January 2001, 10:47 [New Board]

I've added a new board to our forum. The new board is for discussion of new features, questions and answers and error reporting for my version of the AQ2 PG Bund Edition mod.

So if you know any error or have some ideas for missing features, be sure to write them down in this forum - maybe I'll implement them in the next release.

Posted by Igor[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 2001.
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