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Saturday, 07. June 2003, 15:22 [ESL 4on4 Ladder]

after joining the ESL 4on4 Ladder we were able to win our first match. The enemy was NARF, a well-known team, and we played 2 maps (city, cliff2).

We won our old homemap city without any problems with the following result: 15:6.
But we didn't expect an easy match cause we had to play cliff2 as the second map.
This map wasn't finished very successfully in the past. However our teamplay was better than expected, so we were able to change a 0:3 into a 15:12.

thx to NARF for a fine game.

Posted by Flz[Rock]
Tuesday, 11. March 2003, 21:15 [EAQL ..Ende der Vorrunde]

we played the last 2 matches (week 9 and 10) of the group eliminations of the EAQL. Unfortunately we lost these 2 matches, which led us to a 7th place in our group (division A).


We lost the match of week 9 against NARF as quite close as it's possible. Both teams dominated they individuel homemap which led us to the following result: tension1[Rock] 14:5 ; urban [NARF] 5:15.
In this case we would like to thanks NARF for the fast and exciting match.

The last match was against the team of ActionAssociation [2a], which didn't lose no match in our group at this time.
We played a 5on5 on the following maps: tension1 and cliff2.
The result was a 11:6 on tension1, which clarifies our good teamplay we're able to practice during the last months. However we noticed, that ActionAssociation [2a] don't play this map very regurlarly. The 2nd map and [2a]s favourite one was cliff2. Noone of [Rock] seems to like this map so we lost it 6:20.
We lost the whole game with a difference of 9 rounds and were glad about this "good" result against the best team in our division.

Conclusion: many quite close defeats, a few wins and an unplayed tie. Finally we get 10 points and a 7th place in our group (division A). Because of the scoring system of the EAQL (gamerounds only) we got no points for winning a map as we was used to during the ESL Series. The Playoffs of the EAQL will be played during the next weeks but this concerns the both first teams of each division only.

We are looking forward to the future in hope to change close defeats into close victories.

Posted by Flz[Rock]
Monday, 17. February 2003, 00:26 [EAQL vs INV won!]

yesterday we played our EAQL match vs Invincible (INV) - won 16:7 on Tension1, lost Theist 7:9 - doing an overall 23:16 win, or in other words, we won 3:0.

The game didn't start as planned however. The s4p server we wanted to play on had several network problems or somewhat like this, everyone got 50%+ packetloss. We switched to DeerDance and the admin, TrueTom, got no rcon. Switched again, this time to DA-Main, and rocked.

INV started quite strong, winning the first 3 rounds in a row. Then we decided that it is time to start playing ;-). INV played quite good but didn't really had a chance to take us under pressure.

Second map was Rocks - what the f*ck is this?
That was what I thought even if it sounds as it would be good for us *g*. Well, the server crashed after our admin, TrueTom, tried to load the map. Server admin of DA-Main, Pain, got the map and server back running. INV and TrueTom didn't want to play it anymore though, and INV decided to play Theist.
So what the f*ck is Theist? ;-)

Till, the only Rock who knew the map tried to explain it in game - this was quite complicated and it took some time and rounds till we got it. You know, this map is good! Suprise, we like it! After that INV's lead was shrinking, and we finally only missed them by 2 rounds.

The game was one of the best I played this year (till now ;). I can only speak for myself but I'm looking forward to play INV again and maybe test some other maps that I don't know that much. Theist was a positive suprise and INV too - they were both good!

Thanx for the nice game INV, we'll meet again for sure.
Reportin' out!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Wednesday, 05. February 2003, 02:16 [EAQL News ...]

we passed again one week of the EAQL.
In week 6 our enemy was Sol and we began without any organisations problems. We played a 5on5 on the following maps: tension1 und sludge1.
After we won our homemap tension1 very quickly and clearly with 15:6, we lost sludge1 with 8:19. Finally this lead us to a quite close result with a difference of only 2 rounds.

Conclusion: It was general a good and substantial match which was dominated by both teams on their selected maps.
Posted by Flz[Rock]
Thursday, 23. January 2003, 21:49 [New Member]

today D'@athi aka Deathangel joined our team and will support us in things like eliminating other AQ2 clans!

A hearty welcome Deathi
and may the fun be with you!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Thursday, 23. January 2003, 04:14 [Neues...]
here we are. After we had a break in week 2 of the EAQL, we made the 3 following matches of week 3, 4 and 5.

The first match against =DC= was altogether nevertheless still successfully after a defeat on our homemap tension1 and a victory on tj. thx =DC= for the match, which was quite close.

The second match against C&C (week 4) was a disaster because of bad administration, high pings (100 and more) on our side and an extremly defensive team C&C. We lost both maps and were very "amused" of the bad EAQL administration.

The 3rd match against Fellows Of Blood.de (FOB) started like the last one had finished. The admin, who should lead this match, disappared. So we had to find a new server, admin included. After we solved these problems, both teams werde ready to play.
Maps were City and aqnitro. We lost aqnitro and won city, which was a little bit campy cause of a very defensive Fellows Of Blood (FOB) gameplay. Finally we lost the whole match because of 3 rounds.

Conclusion: A moderately achivement, so far. It has to be improved and it _will_ be improved. This concerns the EAQL and the her administration too.

I want to add also an important message from our AQ2 Team: McMassacre gone inactiv (we hope he will return soon), because he wants to concentrate on his real-life without Aq2.
We will miss him in our team and hope he returns as fast as he is able to.
Posted by Flz[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 2003.
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