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Monday, 23. December 2002, 13:12 [EAQL - won vs UZI]
the all new european league is there, known as EAQL and we are rockin'!

Our first game vs UZI was won 11:10 on urban2 and 13:9 on city. Quite close and a bit thrilling although it was not a rushing game. A bit campy here and there but overall a nice game. We will meet again and then we'll knock u off ;-)!
Thx for the nice game UZI!
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Monday, 14. October 2002, 17:30 [Members]
We've got some new additions to our lineup.
Lod and Flz have advanced to full mebership, also Boehse has become a member some time ago.
The newest additions to our rooster are McMassacre and RoadrunneR, from Clan FKK.

Welcome all and have a lot of fun! :)
Posted by Papst[Rock]
Thursday, 25. July 2002, 17:28 [aqsl update]
Soz for NOT writing news, I'm lazy and... uhm wait! That were good ol' times. I'm workin now and don't have enough free time anymore (and I'm still lazy ;).

Here's a small update on AQSL:

vsDark Pact [DP]WinCity13:3Jungle114:10

Doesn't look good, eh? Quite well on the other side. We won't get out of div1 - and that was our goal for this season (again).
Time to be lazy again...
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 14. June 2002, 16:46 [New Members?!?]
We got two new trial members in our AQ2 section:

Flz from =DC= (they stopped playing aq2)
and LOD from KDM.

Hearty welcome to you - may we rock all enemies ;).
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 14. June 2002, 16:37 [BWAQSL Season 9 - first games]
Drawed in our first match in the new BWAQSL season - vs C&C.
Riot was balanced but we made it (12:10), on urban3 we had no chance (5:15).

In our second game vs. M.I. all of Rock played bad.
But thats only an apology. We weren't good but M.I. was excellent. They controlled Rok (3:15) and Riot (2:15), their teamplay and tactics were impressive.
Good game Mi.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 19. April 2002, 14:57 [AQSL Season 8]
It's done - season 8 is over.
We had a default win vs QNI, makin it 52pts in the end - and the 4. Place!
Who would have guessed that in the beginning of the season - lost in the first game vs MI higher than ever lost before, but being 4. in the end!
Our main goal was to be still in division 1 when the season is over - well, we did it better than expected *g*.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Monday, 08. April 2002, 23:50 [Funwar vs ITA]
We have played a funwar vs ITA, the italian national team, on GamersRevolt yesterday and won two to one maps.
riot 13:11 - urban2 11:13 - city 18:6 (all maps timelimit 20)

Posted by Papst[Rock]
Tuesday, 19. March 2002, 21:53 [AQSL]
lost vs B2K:
lost riot 9:15, lost cliff2 6:15, gg (can't remember much ;)

drawed vs StR:
we played on barrys with isdn, where we suprisingly had packetloss.
started 3on3 on riot. we had some staff poblems. snooz joined to make it 4on4 for the last 2 rounds. resulted in a 15:4 win.
second map was murder, StR controled the roofs and we lost 8:10.
Posted by Papst[Rock]
Saturday, 09. March 2002, 08:07 [AQSL: vs dW]
First we had some probs with the server, Slicer checked Last Resort out and said it's fine - as we wanted to play some dW's found out that it's not ok for them. After about 20mins of waiting and idling the game finally started.

First map Riot - waaahuuu, 15:4. More Infos needed? Don't think so.

On Tokyo things get little different. The game was campy and balanced - till the server crashed. 13:11 for dW - at that point. After some blah here, talking there and flaming over there we got the server back on the road - with 3mins left to play (i think).
We won 2 rounds all the way - the last got decided by health of the two players left on the battlefield. I had a few points more - 13:14!

Overall a chaotic game - finally won by a few health points.
Thx to dW for playing on Last Resort.
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Friday, 01. March 2002, 13:43 [AQSL war vs Quadaver lost]
Ok, we played the classic game vs Quad, and we lost. Riot 13:15 Tj 10:15. Good game Quad.
Posted by Till[Rock]
Sunday, 24. February 2002, 20:10 [AQSL: vs MI, DP, AMB,C&C]
Sorry for NOT posting news - i'm too lazy ;)

1. Vs MI Cloud: 2:15 Urban2: 3:15 Loss
arg. One of them could not send screenies to admin and got banned for one match. Not much more to say, they raped us, GG MI!

2. Vs Dark Pact [DP] Riot: 15:8 Colt: 2:15 Draw
Nice game on riot, bit campy on colt - but hey, u guys really own there!

3. Vs AMB Riot: 11:15 Urban: 5:15 Loss
Papst not playing - we missed the will of god *beg* ;)

4. Vs C&C Riot 15:7 Sludge1: 10:9 Win
Sludge was campy and .... wow was it close!

I said I'm lazy - didn't I?
Posted by MrDeath[Rock]
Thursday, 14. February 2002, 11:41 [Missing Texture]
Sorry guys, I just realised a texture was missing in the zip. I've uploaded the zip again with the missing file.

If you don't want to download the whole zip again, you can get the texture here.

Simply copy the texture in quake2/action/textures/rock and it should work :)

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Wednesday, 13. February 2002, 23:44 [New Map]
I'm very happy to announce that I've got a new map released:

Rockhome: Sky High

There are some screenshots here and you can get the map from here.

Have Fun!

Posted by Igor[Rock]
Saturday, 26. January 2002, 11:10 [BWAQSL Division Changed]
The Rock Clan changed from BWAQSL Division 3 to Division 1(!) - without even touching Division 2 :)

For more Info visit the BWAQSL Homepage.

Posted by Igor[Rock]
I'm sorry, but there were no news in 2002.
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